How to go to Cheongyanni Station

If you want to go to Nami Island by train at Cheongyanni Station, you have to ride the subway to until here.

Cheongyanni Station on November 2009

Cheongyanni Station on November 2010

Myeongdong to Cheongyanni

22 minutes, 7 stops, 5.9km
900 won with T-Money, 1,000 won with cash
Transit at Dongdaemun subway station

After that go out from Cheongyanni Subway Station to Cheongyanni Train Station. The picture above is Cheongyanni Train Station. Don't be confused! ^^
Buy a ticket at Cheongyanni Train Station to Gapyeong Train Station for about 3,500 won.
Gapyeong Station is not in the Seoul Metro map because it is not a subway train. It is a normal train. Don't waste your time finding the station name in the Seoul Metro map.
You can catch a taxi for about 4,000 won to Nami Island jetty from Gapyeong Station. The return ferry ride cost about 8,000 won.

Subway 900 won x 2
Train 3,500 won x 2
Taxi 4,000 won x 2 (Divide among your friends if you are in a group)
Ferry 8,000 won
Total is roughly 23,900 won

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