South Korea v/s North Korea at it again.

I regret to put this kind of post in the blog. For once, I wish this act could stop. It alarmed everyone in the country and us, the innocent travellers who want to experience the beauty of Korea.

Last night, I called my Korean friends worried about their condition but all of them replied nonchalantly that it was normal for them. North Korea's threats to start war with South Korea happened almost everyday that the people get used to it.

In fact, I was in Gangwondo when the sinking of Cheonan submarine happened on March 26th 2010 (my mom gonna kill me if she knew this!). Apart from the jets flying frantically on top of our heads there's nothing much happened on that day. South Korea wanted PEACE and safety for his people. I am glad that I went through the day safely while I was there.

Hmm..for those going to South Korea any time soon, I will not give my assurance that nothing of that sort gonna happen but just be safe. I doubt that both sides want war. It's gonna be difficult for both nation and too much heartache to be undone since the 1950's Korean War.

I had the chance to visit Geoje Island POW camp (Prisoner of War) and I don't want the people to go through the same cycle. Never again.

Check out the Kosmo write up and Yahoo News on the issue.