Big Bang Guesthouse

This is not a bad joke but Big Bang does have a guesthouse in Korea. ^^ Unfortunately you're not gonna meet any of Big Bang's member in this guesthouse. Dream on..hehehe.

I stayed in this apartment turned guesthouse 3 times because I totally fell in love with the place. Although I love staying near Myeongdong but Big Bang Guesthouse feels more like home. The owner was like a mother to me, she chatted with me until late at night and even bought me Korean rice cake! Talk about superior and personal service. I got one here. 

Big Bang Guesthouse is located about 5 to 10 minutes on foot from Yaksu Station, Line 3/6, Exit 8. Korean fast food restaurant like Kimbap Jongguk, convenience shop, fruit shops and my favourite Korean rice cake shop are walking distance from the guesthouse.

I passed by the beautiful Shilla Hotel (where many Korean artists had their wedding ceremony) and walked up to Namsan Tower from Yaksu Station.

Told's Big Bang! ^^

Surf internet here and if you have your own machine, remember
to have your own international adaptor. 

Very very very comfy 4-bed dormitory room.

Every room is equipped with a TV which you don't get in 
Namsan Guesthouse.

I took the time to watch the replay of my favourite ssangchu
couple - Hwangbo and Kim Hyun Joong.

Here in this building, second level is Big Bang Guesthouse.

Halmi Syupo..hehe. A mini mart just in front of the guesthouse.

Me and Hanim walking down the steep lane. You can't see it 
here but it is steep, trust me. 
Mummy Moon, just fyi this is how it looks like.
So, bring the stroller for your kid ok? ^^

Walk straight until you see..

 ..this resting place. In the evening, you could find a fruit seller with
his van here. We bought Korean grapes which tasted hmmm..
no comment..hehe.

Yeay! My favourite tteok jib. Korean rice cake shop.
Turned left from here.

Until you see this shop selling meat and chicken. Then turned right.

Walk up the staircase and..

tada..Yaksu Station exit 8. ^^ It is just next to a bakery. See that
red signboard? ๋นต means bread.

Me with my favourite omoni = mother. I know that I should
have called her ahjumma instead but she is very very kind! 
Arghh..I'm so chubby here. Korean diet didn't work for me 
cause I love rice! Blame it all on Korean rice cake..hahaha.

Go to the official website for more details.

FYI, the owner has 2 guest houses. Another one is named Happy Guest House located near to Beotigogae Subway Station, Line 6. I will put up another post on Happy Guest House later.

Just to shed some light, both guest houses are hot cakes. The omoni told my friends who recently visited Seoul that the houses are fully booked by Malaysian tourists until end of December 2010!