7 Must See Bridges of Han River (Hangang)

I have not had the time to discover this yet but I will check these beautiful bridges if I go to Seoul again.

Ever wonder why the bridges (portrayed in drama or movie) in Seoul are breathtakingly beautiful? Some Korean movies or dramas frequently potray the main protagonist having a fun time or even crying under the bridges while basking on their woe or sadness. They would sometime rest near a pojang macha (make shift stall) drinking soju and eating egg rolls/banchan (korean side dishes).

There is a total of 27 bridges cross the Han River in Seoul National Capital Area (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon), South Korea. (Source: Wikipedia)

Yanghwa Bridge 양화대교

By Subway
Line 9 to Seonyudo Station, exit 3, walk 15 min
Nearby attraction: Seonyudo Park
Source: Wikipedia

Hangang Bridge 한강대교

By Subway
Line 4 to Ichon Station. Exit 4 and walk for about 12 min.

Dongjak Bridge 동작대교

By Subway
Line 4 to Dongjak Station. Exit 1 for Gureum, Exit 2 for Noeul and walk for about 3 min

Hannam Bridge 한남대교

By Subway
Take Line 3 to Sinsa Stn. Exit 4, or to Nonhyeon Stn. Exit 6,7, then take a transit bus

Jamsil Bridge 잠실대교

By Subway
Line 2 to Jamsil Stn, Exit 7 and walk for about 10 min towards Jamsil Bridge

Gwangjingyo Bridge 광진교

By Subway
Line 5 to Gwangnaru Station, Exit 2 or to Cheonho Stn. Then walk for about 15 min
Read the article about the bridge by JoongAng Daily here.

Banpo Bridge 반포대교와 잠수교

Banpo Bridge Fountain is very original of the kind. 380 nozzles equipped along the both sides of of Banpo Bridge (570m each, 1140m in total) pump up the river water which will fall from the top toward the surface of the river 20m down.

Mon - Friday : 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 20:00, 21:00

Terminal Express Bus Station, Seoul Subway line 3, Exit #8 >> 5min walk >> located across the underground path

Source: KNTO and  Banpo

Dongho Bridge 동호대교

This bridge is just beside Oksu Station. Whenever a train runs through it, blue lights will light up on its side. Once the train passes, the blue lights will disappear. (Source: Chaemii)

Check out the the article by KNTO on the killer views from observatory cafe's outlooking these gorgeous bridges here and Han River water taxi here.