Korean handphone : Is it a must?

It is an option; for me at least.

Jang Geun Suk or Samsung Corby? You can only choose one! ^^
The red or the blue pill..hehe.


1. The process of buying/renting is tedious
2. You have cheaper option; Skype!
3. Wi-Fi is FREE almost everywhere in Korea.
4. Try to be WIRE - less for a while folks! ^^

Handphone buying/renting process in Korea

1. At the Airport
Check online -> book -> pick up handphone in Korea -> use

Once you reach Incheon Airport, you could rent a phone. After you pick up your luggage, just walk towards the airport limousine pick up area and you will see the phone rental counter right before the exit. Check KNTO site for Incheon Airport layout here.

List of rental phone services which might help you:
SRoaming - Phone rental 1,400 won to 2,700 won per day.
SKTelecom - Phone rental 2,000 won to 3,000 won per day.
KT Show - Phone rental 1,800 won to 2,700 won per day.

2.At the Guesthouse/Motel/Hotel
Some guesthouses/motels/hotels have the phone rental facilities. Namsan Guesthouse offers one time fee 5,000 won per rental and you return after you use. You need to pay the consumption based on your usage.
Say if you stay for 7 days: 5,000 won/7 ~715won per day!
Cheaper than the airport rental.

3.At Mobile shop
I bought a Samsung flip phone for 15,000won and credit 10,000won. It lasted for 3 months. Just walk into any mobile shop/center and inquire for used handphone. Some are FREE phone and you just need to pay the credit; if you don't mind about NOT having a fancy/up-to-date gadget.
However, you may need to show your alien registration card before you can purchase one OR like me, I just tried my luck and showed my passport.

Samsung Corby anyone? I want pink!!

Those who have Wi-Fi enhanced handphone, make full use of Skype. In Korea, Wi-Fi service is FREE almost everywhere. Just login to Skype to make a call/sms back home. When I was in Korea, the internet speed for home was 100Mbps. Talk about downloading HD Movie of 4Gb in less than 15 minutes! OMG! You can't compare with that measly throttled speed UNIFI promotion which only caters maximum 20Mbps. Malaysia still has a longgggggggggg way to go.

What I did was a call or two in a day to my friends/family members via Skype. Check Skype rates here.
A minute call to land line in Malaysia costs about 20.119won ~ 5 cents
A minute call to mobile line in Malaysia costs about 75.815won ~ 20 cents
One sms/text to Malaysia is 91.443won ~ 25 cents.
For Maxis/Celcom/Digi roaming, international sms/text cost about RM2 if I'm not mistaken.

I'd rather do calls because it's cheaper than sending text. ^^
Note: Rates may change.

I know that you want to be reachable anywhere and anytime but unless you are a businessman or you are a VVIP and your presence is needed every single second, then try to be wire-less at least for your trip/holiday. It doesn't hurt to be wire-less for a while. Life is all about bonding more with what you are presented with in front of you rather than frequently updating your tweets or facebook's wall posts. Hehehe..no hard feeling to those twitter or FB addicts out there. ^^

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