Learn Korean: Arirang TV

Arirang TV has a VOD (Video on Demand) section for Let's Learn Korean. I had this one subscribed about 2 years back but simply due to the hallyu wave. Last week, yet again because of hallyu, I logged in albeit forgetting my id and password. I am so surprised that you could easily start speaking Korean if you watch this 10-minutes lesson video, even for a beginner like me.

They have Season 3 and the latest season 5 on the site. Season 5 engaged a few foreigners on the show to play Korean language games. Currently besides my ol' conventional by the book study, I definitely will listen to Arirang Let's Speak Korean at least 3 VOD lessons per day.

The hosts Lisa Kelley and Kim Young are awesome!!

Head over to the site and subscribe. It's FREE ^^

Lets succumb to learning once again. As Jo Kwon said in MBC - We Got Married - " No Pain, No Again " Ooopss...hehe. Gain.