I am now in Jinbu, South Korea

My flight from KLIA took off at 23:30hrs on 17th Feb. It was a direct flight and the vessel was full. Nowadays the carrier consolidate their passengers to cut down the cost. Korean Airlines, Sri Lanka Airlines and Malaysia Airlines's passengers were grouped together.

We reached Incheon airport at 0650hrs. I took my time around 2 hours to surf the net, pick up my luggage and just enjoying the fact that I am now in South Korea again. ^^ hehehehe...

But this time, I went straight to Jinbu instead of painting the Seoul metropolis red. I will be studying Korean and teaching my host's kids English this time around.

I bought a limousine bus ticket 14,000 won to Dongseoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon Station, Line 2, Green). The ride set me off 1 hour.

Waited at platform 4B for my limousine bus no 11.

I was the only passenger in the bus at 0835hrs!! Yeahhhhhh...Although I slept the whole way. Once in DongSeoul bus terminal, I bought 11,900 won ticket to Jinbu for 2 hours and 30 minutes ride. The bus stopover at Jangpyeong

Found my last year's clothes still left intact..thanks to Angelica and she left us some Mango snack from Japan. Arigatou!!

Eating my packed peanuts.

KBS Music Bank..kekeke.

My room for the next 3 month! I didn't bring backpack this time but only a trolley bag..keke..

Tteokpokki for my lunch.

Some people camping outside my room before the winter ends.

Grrr...it's too cold for me to do that. I'd rather see. Thanks but no thanks!

I ate some fresh strawberries during our English class.

and oranges too.

My room is my class ^^

After 1 week staying in the house we finally walked out cause the temperature was 2 celcius today!

The ice is melting and we could smell the fresh air of upcoming spring. Can't wait!
I want to visit Seorak mountain in spring...

Selca time..hehe.

In front of the late Lee Seung Bok's class.

Huhu..playing with the sledge in front of Lee Seung Bok's class.

Hae In playing with the old and tattered piano. I told her that she will dream of Lee Seung Bok's ghost playing the piano tonight..oooo..spooky.

Guess what..this is 화장실..kekeke.

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