Yonggungsa - Busan

This picture taken from inside the taxi we rode.

A line of chinese zodiacs. I'm horse.

This statue makes men's penis stronger?? That's what he said hahaha...

A statue for wish of good transportation.

The gold pillar entrance...really?

If you touch his stomach, you will deliver a boy. Hence, I touched with both hands wishing for twins. Hohoho..

Wising for double luck!!

Inside the temple.

CK said that once a monk dreamt of turtle and dragon near this place and then he decided to build that temple.


My zodiac - horse.

Yonggungsa - Yong = dragon, gung = palace , sa = temple
Direct translation by CK - Dragon palace temple..hehehe..rite?

This is an awesome temple. As many temples that I have visited all over Korea, this one is unique. It's by the beach. We took a bus from Pusan University until Haeundae Beach and later took a taxi to the temple for 4,000 won a one-way ride. There is no entrance fee to the temple.

And the weather was extremely cold. I trembled even in that 4-layered clothes..agagaga..

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