Snowboarding at Phoenix Ski Resort on 5th Dec

We arrived at the Phoenix Ski resort pretty late. The admission starts from 6.30 pm until 12.30 pm but we had to rent the equipment and stuff, so we started to snowboard only at 8.30pm.

Ben wandering around at Santa Claus rental shop.
My rental was 15,000 won cause I rented only for a night.
The three of them rented for a night and the next day - 35,000 won each.

Jo - Dave's friend. We wouldn't get the huge discount if not for him. Networking is important!! ^^

My board - a purple cat. Reminds me of Naruto. Mine was smaller cause I was a beginner. Jo pushed me from behind and unconsciously put my left foot forward, so they said I was a Regular. Hmm..but I still believe I'm a Goofy! ^^

We didn't have to pay rental for the googles and gloves. The sajangnim was super nice to us!!

Flower beanie for gay!!

My three snowboarding teachers!! Love them!!

I had to go back early but they continued snowboarding for the day.

In front of the Santa Claus's rental shop.

Getting ready for the day.

One last picture before I leave the resort.

How I wish I could snowboard every single DAY but my arse is killing me!!

Admission - 69,000 won (after discount using Jo's credit card - 42,000 won)
Rental - 15,000 won
Room - 10,000 won
Food + etc

Total - around 70,000 won.

Tips: Go with any of your Korean friend and you will get discount from their credit card or else you gonna pay more for skiing/snowboarding.