Meeting Afrianny, Yuli and Mbak Ria

Today - 25th December was a very busy day for me.
Leaving Jinny's house at 10 am. Checked into Omoni's house at 11.00 am.
Met Afrianny and her mother at Namsan Guest House at 12.00 noon.
Met Mbak Ria and Yuli at 2.30 pm around Sangwolgok Station.
Went around Myeongdong from 4.00 till 7.00pm. It snowed in Seoul and it was rare!! Just perfect for Christmas and Afrianny was absolutely thrilled!!

I didn't have the energy to go anywhere else cause everywhere was so crowded and traffic was so bad on Christmas Day. I went straight home from Myeongdong. I need to rest before taking limousine bus to airport tomorrow at 7.00 morning. tired now.

Afrianny and her mother from Singapore.

At Mbak Ria's home.

Mbak Ria, Yuli and me.

With my new scarf..ngehehe.

Later we went to Myeongdong for Christmas shopping but the crowd was so pact!!

There's free hugs everywhere..ngehehe. But kids..nahh....