Malaysian tourists in Santisuk

We had 2 groups from Malaysia on 2 consecutive days. Boy, I was so glad cause I could eat sambal ketuk..yummy.

Hae In so happy before the guests arrived

The first group came too early, I was like speedy Gonzales.

The Bibimbap. Sometimes we serve Bulgogi too.

They were starving!

Yeay!! come again!

The clean dishes.

I ate matcha cookies. Yummy. Look at my chubby cheek. Aigoo..I have 3 kg there.

The second group.

From Left - 7, 8 , 9 and 10 years old.

The aunt who gave me sambal ketuk.

So tired after serving the groups. They had Heineken and me the juice as usual.

After that, Kalo made the tangerine punch.