Making Ondol and Jjimjilbang

We helped Mr Lee to make Ondol and Jjimjimbang (or should it be Hwangtobang? hmm...). Mr Lee used yellow bean (soy bean) + sesame oil and strained the water with muslin and wiped it against the floor. His reason - the liquid will make the brown paper stronger. Our thought- that was so cool!!

The yellow bean and sesame oil mix drained in muslin.

Where Mr Lee processed the bean and the floor is covered by brown paper ONLY! Amazing!!

The secret concoction for ondol.

Later we took some for our facial and body scrub.

Mr Lee showing us how he makes meju.

Almost completed jjimjilbang.

Panya - in red jacket. He's gonna be my korean language teacher next year!

Our dinner and my face showing the taste of the crab. I didn't like it!

The crab in soy sauce soup. I wish it was fried with delicious red spicy 'sambal'

The dried blocks of meju.

Later, the whole family slept in the completed jjimjilbang. Nandida with her 'V' sign.

And that includes me ^^

Hae In, what is that sign? Hahaha..