WWOOF at Jangheung - Part 1

Mr Han's second son - Jong Min and his cousin.

They served me persimmon and tteok from organic green rice.

Yummy...I am officially a tteok po/ tteok suni

This was my third Jaesa dinner in a month!!

The kimchi was a bit salty.

Mr Han's aunty and her grandchildren.

Jangheung is famous for rice and cow. Korean cow is called hanu which is the best breed. Mr Han feeds them with rice, kiwi, persimmon, wheat and corn straw.

The organic green rice as their food. They are really pampered.

Then wheat straw.
The red organic rice field. I didn't have the chance to harvest them!! *sigh*

Mr Han and his youngest brother. He's working at Seocho-ku, near Gangnam.

Jong Min's kindergarden school.

Later, we went to Naju for agriculture festival.

and helped to cut this green rice tteok. Yummy..

Annabelle unni, married to a Korean man and has 3 girls. Her husband and her are so kind to bring me around for the Flower festival and treated me for Maeuntang dinner.

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