Geumgang Park, Busan

This was on 23rd November. I went to Geumgang Park which is around Dongnae Station and walked from there around 1.2km? I just love walking in Busan. The scenery is so beautiful.

The things that happened today were beyond my expectation:

1 - a korean woman smiled at me and asked me was I from Turkey? and that's why I was wearing Hijab? = I was shocked and pleased at how she smiled at me so earnestly. I would really like to thank her cause my mood rose a level after that because of her.

2 - I cross a pedestrian bridge which reminded me of beautiful life drama when Kimutaku asked Takako how is the life that she saw from a 1 metre height wheel chair? It must be different right?

3 - I was asked by a young korean lady how to go to subway and she didn't realize that I was not a korean!! - Do I look like a korean now? Hahaha..

4 - A very old grandfather greeted me and asked me whether I was a japanese tourist! When I answered no to him in japanese, he was shocked at how good my japanese was and he climbed the Yodungsan together with me and we conversed in japanese the whole way.

5 - This was the most shocking moment among all of them. After I took the Jagalchi Market picture again, I thought of taking Haeundae beach picture before sunset and how it would look like before he and I go tonight. I took the subway from Jagalchi station and guess who I met?? The Ottawa couple from Namsan guesthouse took the same train and we were in the same car!!

and so many other occurences that I couldn't comprehend yet now had helped me went through the day HAPPILY!

The entrance to Geumgang Park.

I wish Malaysia has a park like this.

Tanpung...arghh..I miss it.

I didn't take this ropeway. I had one in Namsan park and another in Tongyeong. I want roller coasters!!

Mmemorial stones.

Selca time!!

This bridge reminded me of Japanese drama 'Beautiful Life' of Kimura Takuya and Takako Tokiwa. Yeap..I'm a sentimental dude...hehe.

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