19th November - Hardest day in Hongseong period

A clubber at work..

I had back pain because of this..arghhhh...

Collecting the radishes into this big container.

A picture for memory of eating jjajangmyun..

I didn't eat this cause my gastric was killing me!!

After Hanim left, Yong Jun and I with the halmonis had to pull these radishes. I had no strength at all and requested a simpler job - cutting the radishes instead. ^_^

Is he really happy doing this??

Yong Jun had no appetite at all! Me? I had gastric..because of the fatigue.

We did this until sunset and the host had the cheek to ask for our help doing kimjang until wee hour?? No way! We refused to do it.

Yong Jun aa..I owe you this one.