Ponggi Insam Festival

As my norm, I started the day with morning walk

Sesame leaves.

The mountains are mostly these colours

Bibimbap for breakfast

Ponggi is a district under Yeongju and Insam is ginseng. So we went to Ponggi Insam Festival today after packing the green peppers and gochu garu (red pepper powder).

The festival is held from 13th - 18th October 2009. It was forecasted last night for heavy rain today, but thank God, it wasn't raining. My luck maybe? :) Bun Sok was happy that we could dry the millet and pepper today.

After sending the parcel, we set off to Ponggi. It was 1 hour drive from Chunyang. I had to sit at the back of the 2-seater 4 wheel drive. You could imagine. hehehe..but the view was fantastic so I hardly feel the pain on my butt.

It was cold in Yeongju and I had only my flimsy sweater. Yikes!

First, we watched a trot by a woman-wannabe. I bet it was funny cause all of them laughing non-stop. Then, we made a tour at the food camp. So many stalls selling insam twiggim (ginseng tempura). I tasted it before in Chi Won's house during Chuseok. It was bitter. A small plate here sold at about 10,000 won. Stamina food is expensive.

Bun Sok and Joy never buy ginseng before and they don't eat any kind of stamina food. They had to go because of me. Hahaha..but we really enjoyed the festival.

I was among the 4 foreigners that attended the festival today. I did these things:
1- ate chestnut, ginseng doughnut, ginseng tteok
2- drank red ginseng extract, apple juice, ginseng tea
3- hand-painting ( I chose a cat)
4- was interviewed by the festival's MC and received ginseng for FREE! Hahaha..
5- made some ginseng tteok
6- made a wish

Sent the parcel at Chunyang

Ginseng Soju

The trees was wrapped during autumn and winter. When springs comes, they will burn the rope/paper which contains all the bad insects hiding in that rope.

Bun Sok bought some biscuits.

I feel like I am in Kedah, Malaysia! Paddy field everywhere!

We came in from another entrance.

Food stalls.

This man performed using steel bowls as drums while selling his chestnut.

Bun Sok and Joy.

I don't know what is this but the machine exploded to make each piece of that cookies.

Insam twiggim (Ginseng tempura)

Bun Sok suggested to go there for English information. (But I lost the booklet later..hehe)

A church nearby the grand entrance.

Haha..I was the fourth foreign visitor.

This lady gave me so many ginseng candies. ( I hate ginseng's smell. It reminds me of earth and it tastes like earth ^_^).

Later, I did hand-painting. Bun Sok and Joy urged me cause it was FREE. kikiki...

This hakseng (student) really concentrated on my hand.

My cat!

Ginseng Soju (liquor).

They tried makgolli (korean traditional beer)

I tried to hammer the sticky rice for making the ginseng tteok

The hammer was heavy!

Hwajangshil (toilet).

The precious ginseng.

Hit this drum thrice and make a wish!

My wish.

I was interviewed by the MC and Bun Sok as my translator.

He gave me a box of ginseng for FREE!

This is the FREE 6 years old ginseng for me. ^__^ Kamsahamnida KOREA!

This guy was awesome and handsome! He is a magician.

Ginseng + kimchi. Delicious!

Farmers selling their ginseng.

A bridge to international stalls section.

As ginseng is a stamina food. Do you see what I see? Ngehehe...

I know..it is not related to ginseng at all but I miss my subak (watermelon). It is so expensive here. If only I attended that Subak festival last summer..*sigh*

Here is the video during the drive. I sat with the parcels at the back. Hehehe..