K-Drama: You're Beautiful - 미남이시네요

Picture: Courtesy of SBS

Resemble Hanakimi (japan's manga) and any similarity with Boys over Flower?
Hmm..but it unfolds the KPOP idol's life. If that doesn't make you interested, I don't know what else. Lee Hongki maybe? Hmmm..too much fan service in the first 2 episodes I think.

My vouch: Seriously funny if you don't take it too serious. Heheh..it's a drama anyway.

The big guns starred in this drama - Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hongki (FT Island), Park Shin Hye and a new cutie - Jung Yong Hwa. I bet Lee Hongki's fans are enough to get the highest rating for SBS.

I'm gonna watch episode 3 tonight and episode 4 tomorrow at SBS channel here. Of course..no subtitle.

Go to Mysoju.com for online streaming and Soompi forum for drooling on the pictures. Ngehehe..