Joy's Father's death anniversary

After my morning walk we harvested the rest of the millet and picked some green peppers as gift to the consumers. Bun Sok and Joy have been running this website for 9 years. They updated their daily activities on the board for their consumers to see and learn.

They had a farm in Angsung for peaches and later moved to Chunyang. Chunyang is much more beautiful in any season. Bun Sok showed me some of her pictures climbing the Himalayas and also winter season in Chunyang. During winter in January, their house is just like a ski resort. The snow is so deep and they invite friends to come and enjoy skiing. Arghh..I wish they take WWOOFers during winter but they wouldn't because there is not much work to do.

Bun Sok had to prepare the food for Joy's Father's death anniversary. Actually this ceremony must be done at the eldest son's house but his wife is a Christian and refused to do the ceremony. Hence, Bun Sok and Joy had to do it. Their nephew, Hyung Don, his father and Joy's second brother came to prepare the ceremony. Usually it should be done at midnight but all of them were coming from Seoul and had to work the next day, so the ceremony was done once they arrived in Chunyang.

This was my first experience seeing the actual ceremony.

Feels like in one of 'Autumn In My Heart' scene.

The food that Bun Sok prepared.

Each of the guys starting with the eldest bowed to respect their father.

After that was followed by Bun Sok.

Bun Sok and Joy's first organic apple harvest. Very sweet!!