From Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Joy Farm, Chunyang

I woke up late because of the fatigue of last nite last outing with Chi Won. She is working today so her parents will be sending me to Gangnam Station. From Gangnam, I took line 2, Green line to Gangbyeon station where the Dong Seoul terminal is situated. Chi Won's mother has a weekly hiking to a nearby mountain with her old school friends. Hmm..Korean are healthy! Healthy food and they love to exercise. It is very hard for me to find a fat person.

My bus is at 11.50 am (Korean time) or 12.50pm (Malaysian time). The terminal was full with people coming back from Chuseok Holiday. I slept half way from Seoul and the rest of the time just viewing the beautiful scenery of the mountain. Autumn has started and the mountain is really beautiful.

I reached Chunyang around 3 pm (Korean time) and Bun Sok and Joy were already there waiting for me. Bun Sok speaks English fluently cause she worked with a foreign company in Seoul before and she also speaks German. Wow!!

She showed me my bedroom which is a separate house and explain to me the crops that they grow there. They have apples, paddy, beans, gourd and chinese saro (Do I spell it right?). Bun Sok also made kimchi, dwaenjang and go chujang by herself! Yeay!!

For now, I will just relax cause only tomorrow morning we will visit the farm. The weather is cold now. Bun Sok told me that they had frost yesterday morning. Yikes!! Joy farm is 800 meters above sea level. Ottokke??

Waiting for bus to Chunyang at 11.50 am.

I didn't realize that the limited seat is for the elders. Hahah..I was bored so I just sat there and read my novel.

Buses at the terminal

The view along the way. Autumn is slowly creeping at the mountain. Ngehehe..

Joy's car is a 2-seater. So, I get to sit at the back with the chilli powder that they just milled at the factory in Chunyang. That's my laptop bag there on top of the powder. ^_^

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