From Chunyang to Busan

This journey was on 17th October.
It was raining in the morning. The sky didn't want me to leave Chunyang. Joy couldn't send me off because he was sick so Bun Sok had to send me alone. The autumn was almost at its peak in Chunyang and I was so sad leaving them. Bun Sok and Joy told me to visit them anytime if I want to during my stay in Korea. T__T

At Chunyang bus terminal.

Fire starter for winter charcoal.

I met him in the bus to Andong. He speaks English fluently and was veryyyyy friendly. Hehehe.
Chunyang to Andong - 1 hour and a half.

Erin - a high-school teacher in Andong. She's from Georgia and approached me in Andong's bus station first. Hmm..eventhough I'm alone in this journey but I never feel lonely because of these people.
From Andong, I took another bus to Busan. It took me around 2 hours.

Busan! Near the port..

In Nopodong bus terminal.

Nopodong subway station.

I ate some bread in front of Busan station. Here is the Korail/KTX station.

Busan station.

A christian missionary at work. I met a lot of them in Korea. I was even approached by a lady. Aigoo..ahaha. They are agressive!

In Korail/KTX Busan Station.

Korail plaza.

Later I met Chang Kyu and we had seafood for dinner. He was my tour guide in Busan for 2 days!

In the restaurant.

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