Gwangalli Firework Festival

Chang Kyu told me that Busan had a firework festival on 17th night. I didn't really plan much on my trip to Busan and only expected to go to Jagalchi Market Festival. I was lucky to get to go to both festival.

Girls buying ticket to Suyeong station for Gwanggali Beach.

I could not take any picture during fireworks display. It was jam-packed. There were so many policemen.

Me and Changkyu wait for the crowd to subside.

Then, we walked along the beach. The view was awesome!

Gwanggalli bridge changed colors.

This building too changed colors.

Mural in Suyeong station. I love how Korea put many of their historical arts in the subway.

My Busan's subway ticket. I couldn't use T-Money card here. Busan uses a different subway system.

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