Busan World Cup Stadium

This was on the 18th October. Chang Kyu picked me up at Busan National University Station and we went to Busan World Cup Stadium because it was on the way to Jagalchi Market. We were lucky that it was opened on Sunday and they had some sports events between districts in Busan there.

We were watching a Korean game similar to 'Sepak Takraw' but the differences were that they used soccer ball and had 4 players. I supported the red team which was stronger between the two. One of the supporters greeted me in English ' How are you?" Hahaha..me and Chang Kyu thought that he was so hilarious! We couldn't stop laughing. Kekeke..

Busan National University Station.

Busan World Cup Stadium from Chang Kyu's car.

It resembles the sea waves.

Chang Kyu's car.

Inside the stadium.

This was the game like 'sepak takraw'.

The supporters were smitten by the game!

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