Jagalchi Market Festival

This was on 18th October. After going to Busan World Cup Stadium, I accompanied CK to eat at Lotteria - something like Korean McDonalds. I had my lunch at the mosque so I thought of having early dinner later. We went to Jagalchi Market and it was so crowded. There were so many performances and games. The market was huge!

CK explained to me of the Jagalchi Market's history from year 1900 until today based on the pictures at the exhibition. Seafood was really cheap today but I just couldn't buy anything. It will only burden my back! Shopping can only be done a week before I return to Malaysia which is in Seoul. T__T

It says ' Busan ee myong so jagalchi shijang' which I don't know what it means but this is Jagalchi's market entrance. Hehehe..

Fish tied to dry


I don't know what its name but CK said they only eat the inside and it's super delicious. Hmmm..

Reminds me of "something". Yummy? Not yummy? ;)

Giant crabs.

Beautiful Busan and awesome weather.

Seagulls and a bridge as the backdrop.

Another beautiful bridge.

People loitering outside the market.

A fish sculpture.

Inside the market.

CK explaining me of Jagalchi Market's history.

Street performance.

This is Ahjumma's statue outside the market but in Busan they are called Ajime.
Busan uses a different dialect.

Giant mussels.

After that, we went to dry seafood area.

For dinner we had eels! My favourite!

Dinner just outside the market and it's cheap.

12,000 won for two people.

After that I craved for ice cream.

I had the wild strawberry cheesecake for 3,500 won at Baskin Robbins.

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Anonymous said…
부산의 명소 자갈치 시장, "명소" tu.. could it be 유명 장소 famous place? Hahaha.. Koreans kan suka shorten their words ㅋㅋㅋ