Busan to Tongyeong

I decided to take ferry to Tongyeong rather than bus as Danielle suggested.
The fare was double of the bus. 21,600 won for one ride to Geoje island and transfer with a 20 minute bus to Tongyeong for 2,900 won. The sea was rough today. Hmm...was it because of the typhoon incident in North-Philippine? I felt that the ferry almost toppled! But as always I could still sleep..ngeheh. Dead tired and need some rest.

CK could not send me cause he had a medical test for Samsung's job offer at Masan. We said our goodbyes in Dongnae Station and I had to continue until Jungang-dong Station and walked around 15 minutes to the Busan Coastal Line Ferry Terminal. It is just across the new Lotte World (not fully completed yet). Yeap..Lotte is building another Lotte World in Busan! They have one in Seoul but this is new and the design is unique!

Busan coast.

An international ferry.

International ferry terminal. I took my ferry on another building - Busan Coastal Line Terminal. 10 minutes walk from this building.

Inside Busan coastal line terminal.

Ferry to Geoje Island is on Gate 8 . Write your name and passport number in your ticket before check in.

1 hour and a half ride to Geoje Island and Tongyeong is next to it via bus.

Geoje Island.

Geoje Ferry Terminal.

Geoje city.

I tried to ask direction from the terminal officer but she couldn't speak English. Somehow I managed to understand and followed my gut. Along the way I met a nice gentleman and he brought me to the terminal and even helped me to buy the ticket to Tongyeong. He was curious why I wanted to go to Tongyeong? Hehehe..I said I'm meeting a friend.

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