Busan Mosque

After the Beomosa temple, I had 1 hour and a half before meeting Chang Kyu so I decided to visit Busan Mosque which was at Dusil Station. A -2 stop from Beomosa Station. It was worth it to buy the 1 day trip ticket - 3,500 won. In Busan, a single journey cost 1,100 won and 1,300 won if more than 1 line which is a bit more expensive than Seoul. I don't know why. I couldn't use my T-money pass either here which is inconvenient.

After going out from exit 8 in Dusil Station, I walked straight and met a very kind Indonesion guy - Kafi. He led me to the mosque.

Busan Mosque was much easier to find compared to Seoul Mosque at Itaewon. The landscape in Busan is flatter so no tired legs involved. Hehehe..I met Ayi, an Indonesian student of Computer Engineering (Busan National University). She's doing part-time teaching computer for Muslimah in Busan Mosque. I was offered lunch by the committee and treated so fine by them. I was so thankful to meet very kind people in Busan.

Ayi has a blogspot to help other Muslims in Korea and I found it very useful. Here's the link.

Take Exit 8 from Dusil Station.

After exit 8, just walk straight ahead.

Until you find this tyre shops.

Once you see SK gas station, turn right at the junction and you will not miss the Mosque.
There's a signboard - Islam Centre.

Ayi was preparing my lunch.

The muslimah had computer class every weekend.

Inside the mosque.

Muslimah's section at Level 3.

Outside the mosque.


Ayi and me. ^__^

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