Bonghwa Korean Traditional Music Concert

The performance was on 16th October. Bun Sok saw the news on TV in the morning and decided to go if the weather was good. After cooking my Laksa for them, we went to Bonghwa to watch the concert. There, I had tteok again. Yahoo!! They served songpyeon..ngehehe.

Pavillion at Gwon's village.

The staffs were preparing the stage.

Under the pavillion's roof.

My favourite tteok ^_^

Gwon's village.

Some explanation on the Gwon's village. They are the nobles in the village.

Persimmon tree.

Paddy straw.

Entrance to the Gwon's village.

We ate kimbap for dinner and the weather was sooooo cold!

This was the first part - korean traditional folk music.

I love this performance. She's narrating a story.
Hahaha..this was funny but he's cool!

A solo folk dance . He was very graceful.

My favourite!