Why is September a good month to visit South Korea?

My good friend went to MATTA Fair yesterday which is held from 4-6 September 2009 in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. The crowd is lesser compared to last March according to him. Probably because of H1N1. I try not to go this time. Simply because it is so tempting to see others crazily seeking for good bargain of travel packages and flight fare. I don't want to be tempted. It's a sin. Hehehe.

Right now the Tourism Korea booth is promoting the autumn season travel. From the excerpt of The Travel Times on Why is September a good month to visit South Korea? "It's a good time to visit South Korea in September , as it is the autumn season. The weather which ranges between 18 to 23 degree Celcius, is gentle. "

Autumn is my favourite season after I watched the drama 'Autumn in My Heart'- super duper heartbreaking story line, which I don't prefer that much but attracted by the autumn sights. The colors is simply breathtaking and it's cool. Just the way I like it.

According to the Travel Times "There are 10 mosques and 50 temporary musala in South Korea, especially since the local Muslim community numbers to around 100,000. " This fact, I need to know so it would be easier for other fellow Muslims to pray while visiting the awesome sights in South Korea.

Some of the mosques (source: www.islamicfinder.org) :

1. Al-Madina Mosque
Near to cheonan bus terminal,

2. Ansan Mosque
kyungido ansan city danwon-ku wonkuk dong,
An-san, kyungido 741-5, SOUTH KOREA

500 to 600 meters far from Ansan subway station (ask any one about muslim mosque( muslim sawon ) in korean language

3. Anyang Masjid
Kyongi-do Anyang-Si Anyang 5 dong 618-132.

It's very close to Anyang University. Just Go left street from main gate of University. From Myeonghak train station (line 1) just take a taxi (about 3000 won - august year 2008 rate) to Anyang university.

4.Aqsa Daegu Islamic Center
882-5 Bisan Dong, Seo-gu

In front of Bukbu Bus Terminal

5. Bilal Islamic Centre
Kongdan Sangga 402HO, 456-16 Naedong - Changwon,
Masan, Changwon

In front of Changwon Hospital, go by taxi from Changwon Terminal or Changwon Station.

6. Busan Al-Fatah Masjid
30-1 Namsan-dong Keumjeong-ku, Pusan, Korea.

Nearby Dusil subway station (Line 1)

PUMITA - Persaudaraan Umat Muslim Indonesia Al-Fatah

7. Changwon Mosque and Islamic Centre
Changwon city, Palyong dong 17-13

Opposite Changwon bus terminal

8.Daejeon Mosque - Islamic Center of Daejeon
Yuseong-Gu Kung-Dong, 404-9 (2nd Floor), Daejeon

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