I am stranded for more than 12 hours in KLIA

Not that I want to.
In accordance with the title of the blog 'budget travel' I had to choose Air Asia over Malaysia Airlines for domestic flight. Hence the early flight at 0925 hours and the endless wait. I know..I know..it's a waste of time but RM40 (Air Asia)ticket against RM200 (Malaysia Airlines).

Air Asia at 0925 hours or Malaysia Airlines at 1930 hours? I had to choose the former cause I have all the time in the world now albeit quite penniless. Hahaha..

Now I understand why time is gold.

Only my parents were able to send me off at Senai international airport this morning but I was grateful cause I could have some teary moments with my beloved Mom. (As if I'm going for 3 years!) Hahaha..Mom, I told you not to cry didnt' I?

The AirAsia landing at LCCT was the worst ever. Ain't the pilot normally did smooth landing? Hmmm...Damn hungry and grabbed a plate of Nasi Ayam for RM13.90 (I miss the nasi ayam in front of CSC for merely RM3.50).

There is a shuttle bus from LCCT to KLIA for only RM1.50 one way. Unfortunately I didn't feel any cool air from the air-conditioner at all! No doubt Malaysia is super duper warm these days. Felt like jumping into a swimming pool now.

Since I couldn't sleep last night and now I feel really sleepy. Suddenly I had the idea of sleeping on the chair like what I did in Hongkong Airport but there was no strategic location away from the din. Hence, I slept briefly around 15 minutes sitting on a chair. ^^ Yes, I could..hehe.