Cheonggyecheon Stream in the morning

After hiking the Namsan tower..arghh..I decided to check out Cheonggyecheon stream. It was really relaxing to walk along the path and enjoying the stream and viewing different structure of bridges along the course.

I took a yellow bus from the Namsan tower and later transit with a blue bus to Cheonggyecheon as advised by a very kind retired professor. He speaks english fluently and even praises about Malaysia because his wife has been to Malaysia many times.

When I reached City Hall, a rush of feeling swept me as if I was in Shinjuku, Japan. It was the same feeling. The city is soooooooooooo huge. A Metropolis. Hmm..if I can compare it with Malaysia, it is like standing in the middle of Putrajaya goverment buildings.

Road heading to Cheonggyecheon

Cheonggyecheon no

I don't know what they were doing but so pretty!

Before you enter Cheonggyecheon, you will see this statue.

The first path leading to Cheonggyecheon.

The first stream.

Will come here again in November with Tut and Hanim for the peak autumn season at night. It's gonna be awesome!!

People having picnic.
The water is so clear.

I was able to walk until Dongdaemun cause my feet was dem tired! It was only halfway of the whole route.

My tired feet crossing the stream.

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