KTX - Bullet train

My friends has been bugging me to board the KTX when they will visit Seoul this November. But I am a bit reluctant because it just feel the same like riding the normal train but it is at the maximum speed of F1 car. So what?!! Tskk..

Well, I gave in though. Check out the website.

Hmm..it's cheap. Compared to Japan's bullet train.
For one way ride of 2 hours 50 minutes from Seoul to Busan costs roughly 51,200 Won (MYR150 - Standard class) or 71,700 Won (MYR215 - First Class).

Booking and purchase is a breeze, you can do it online.

Like this, just a sample:

A blogger's rambling of bullet train to Nongsan by Martinborough

Here is a youtube video of a journey by bullet train from Seoul to Busan