H1N1 and death

This pandemic really freaks me out! But my travel plan has been done even before this occurred. Parents, friends and even my cat, Naruto has voiced his concern. Naruto said "Why are you not afraid of H1N1 but you are afraid of ghosts and scary movies?" Heck..if only Naruto could speak, hehe.

As of now, the death count in Malaysia is 51.

My precaution:

1. Be healthy, be healthy, be healthy - enough sleep, no emotional interference, no JUNK FOOD? No!! Exercise? Hmmm.. I am wearing a mask right now in the office. How do I look? Do I look like optimus prime? ;)

2. Get a travel insurance - I'm going to get the HSBC one just because all my accounts are there. Easier. I already have an annual one but to be on the safe side, to get an extra travel insurance cause hospital bill would be sky-high if I am ever admitted overseas.

3. Write a will - Ack! Am I dying? H1N1 death is at such an alarming rate and without a proper antidote, betcha I will write a will. The worst I had seen in the news was this 12 year old child died in one day because of it.