Bread and Bakery in Seoul

1. Paris Baguette - Chain Bakery. Everywhere in Seoul

Review of Paris Baguette's Summer Donuts by FatManSeoul
Picture courtesy PierrickBlon

2. Tous Les Jours - Chain Bakery. Everywhere in Seoul

Picture by VancityAllie
Review of Tous Les Jours's donuts by FatManSeoul

3. Crown Bakery - Chain Bakery. Everywhere in Seoul

4. Dunkin Donuts - Everywhere in Seoul

A review of Annalog on their cupcakes.

5. Jongno Bakery - Insadong

6. Salam Bakery (with Halal sign) - Itaewon , near mosque

7. Ops Bakery - Haeundae, Busan (round the corner from the Riviera Hotel)

8. Life is just a cup of cake - Itaewon
Reviewed by Wendy Gould
Tel : 02-794-2908 or 010-4617-2908

9. Sticky fingers bakery (vegan) - a review by The vegan Korean
Located in the Hyundai Department Store basement food hall.

10. Anna Bini - Gangnam

11. Lord Stow Bakery for Portuguese tarts in Apgujeong

12. Kim Young Mo
Doggok station exit 4, next to Coffee Bean (orange line)
lots of tasty samples
Expensive compared to the rest

13. Tartine Cafe and Bakery (All about pies) - Itaewon

14. Richemont in Hongik - Review by Seoul Man in Tokyo

Richemont by daniellajaeger

Richemont Bakery Delight by Hongdae Hongdae . Clockwise from left - Cream Cheese cake, Almond cake, CHOUX and pecan pie.

It's a couple of minutes walk from Hongik University subway station on line 2. Take exit 6

15. Paris Croissant - one at the Gwanghwamun end of the Cheonggyecheon opposite the huge snail-like sculpture.

16. Grande Dame of Bakeries ~ 태극당 - Reviewed by FatManSeoul

Take line 3 to Dongguk University Station (동국대), exit 2. The bakery will be on your left. There’s a second, newer location outside exit 1 of Seongshin Women’s University Station (성신여대) on line 4.

17. Napoleon bakery - Near Hangsung University subway station

18. lynn's cupcakes
Lynn's Cupcakes in Hannam-dong is located right across the street from UN Village. It's pink facade is hard to miss.
Business Hours:
10 - 8 pm
(010) 2893-6687
(02) 792-0804
*Also a shop in itaewon

19. Deux Cremes Tart
In Sinsa-dong, somewhere along Karosogil. The tarts are so yummy. They're almost worth their exorbitant 8,000 won price tag

20. Shinsegae Cupcakes
Myeondong Shinsegae Department Store
The cupcakes are made by One, a company that claims to make "Contemporary American Style cupcakes." (In case this impresses anyone, I should note that One is affiliated with the Chosun Hotel). A box (4300 won per cupcake). For 300 won extra, the cupcakes are wrapped in an adorable little brown box, tied with a pink bow. The alternative is a white box (no charge).

21. Butterfinger Pancakes in Apgujeong.

Review by KissMyKimchi

22. HoHo Myoll
Cafe from back of an old Volkswagen van - Sangsu (Hongdae-ish area)

23. Passion 5
Luxurious dessert place - Hannam-dong

25. Bread Talk

Picture courtesy of Taekwonwierdo

In Myeongdong, down from Krispy Kreme. Juicy pictures at SeoulEats.