Korean culture: Jjimjilbang

*Picture courtesy Tour2Korea

What is exactly jjimjilbang?
Apart from the tongue-twisted pronunciation..hmm..
Jjimjilbang is a spa, sauna, shower, a place to overnight and chill out after a hard day of sightseeing in Seoul. (for budget traveler, this is a plus!)

What's so great about it:
You would be thinking..crazy girl..you want to be naked over there?? Well, you can skip the naked and S-curve show off and straight to the sauna. No harm done, right?

Me and my friends would definitely consider the option for staying overnight there. Why not? It's cheap and it's like living in one large luxurious house with all the things you want, all roll up into one. Preciousssssssssss...

Here are some of the list of famous jjimjilbang in Seoul:
  1. GoldSpa
  2. HappyDay
  3. Seocho Spa
  4. Silloam Sauna

Tour2Korea has step by step guideline to enter jjimjilbang here.

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