Hallyu and Kpop : Silence Tourism Machine for South Korea

I can't deny the fact that one of the influences for Korean madness comes from Hallyu and Kpop. According to Wikipedia: "The Korean wave or Korea fever[1] refers to the surge of popularity of South Korean culture around the world since the 21st century, especially among the Millennial Generation. While popular throughout the Asian continent, its influence is strongest in East Asia, especially dominant in China, Japan and Southeast Asia, spreading to India,[2] the Middle East,[3] Central Asia,[4] Iran,[5] Israel,[6] Turkey[7] and Russia.[8]"

Without realizing it, Hallyu or Korean wave has become a silent tourism machine from South Korea. Most of my friends would at least know one of the singers/actors/actress/groups from the entertainment. Since Malaysia only has one channel KBS from Astro, so basically that would be the main source. Otherwise, internet has become the main point connecting us nearer to others culture and either way it is as if I'm staying in Seoul even though I'm not. You gain latest updated news of your favourite Hallyu artist on your fingertips. I check them mostly from Youtube.

These are among my top 5 favourite singers based on talent (especially not looks..hehe):
1. G-dragon from Big Bang (* Not really a singer, I just like him cause he's a genius!)
2. Kim Hee Chul from Super Junior (He's just crazy, crazy, crazy and wicked! hehe..)

Kim Hee Chul
Picture courtesy of Style Hapaa

3. Epik High
4. FTTS - Fly to the sky (duo consisting of Brian and Hwanhee
5. Hwayobi, Gummy, Ji sun - ex-singer of Loveholic and Lynn

My 5 top favourite drama:
1. My name is Kim Sam Soon
2. My attic cat
3. Thank you
4. I'm sorry I love you
5. Full house

My 5 top favourite movie:
1. The art of fighting
2. My Sassy Girl
3. A moment to remember
4. Wolves temptation
5. My tutor friend