Cheapest single room in Seoul : Hostel Korea

Hostel Korea

My hunt for cheapest single room in Seoul is not over yet. My thought of taking the dormitory option might stop here if it could be this cheap.

Hostel Korea cheapest rate for single room per night : 22,000 won ~ MYR66 (with breakfast and WiFi in the room). Marvelous!! Privacy is the bottom line between dormitory and single room.

The downside: Location is a bit far from Center Seoul. They are around 5-10 minutes walk from Sinseoldong station. 3 station stop from Dongdaemun. 6 station stop from Myeongdong.

Good enough for me. I'm game.

What really attracts me is this:

50% discount on the first day rate IF you stay more than 2 nights.
If I decide to stay 3 nights, the rate per night for single room is 22,000 won and the discounted rate would be 11,000 won. My total would be 55,000 won ~ MYR165

*Hi everyone, by now (22nd August 2009) Hostel Korea has changed their landing page and I believe this coupon is no longer available and their cheapest single room now is 25,000 Won :(. Check out their web to get the latest rate or head over to my post for single room for less than 30,000 won.