30 suggested souvenirs from South Korea

Every time I travel, I wish I could prepare everyone a souvenir; that's what I thought. However due to budget, I wouldn't be able to (my dearest friends, please understand..hehe). However, after doing some research from Flickr, Youtube, Google search and Trip Advisor here are few worthy souvenirs that I wish to check on in Seoul, South Korea:

1. Mink (artificial) - blankets or robes
2. Korean lamp
3. Korean chess set - Janggi (Korean Chess-like game) , another one, another one and finally
4. Traditional Korean mask
5. Korean T-Shirt
6. Kimchi candies
7. Packed kimchi and another one
8. Dried seaweed snacks
9. Fashion accessories - hair pins/ bands
10. Korean Makeup
11. Scarves
12. Korean dolls
13. Handphone accessories
14. Wooden wedding ducks
15. Key chains with the Korean flag
16. Pouch
17. False eyelashes
18. Phone accessory
19. Hangul Stamp
20. Hanbok
21. JejuAir Hello Kitty
22. Rice Cake , another one and another one
23. Ceramics
24. Paper fan
25. Korean drum (miniature)
26. Kimchi chocolate - eat at your own risk..hehe
27. Korean tea
28. Korean tea cup
29. Hallyu Kpop Souvenirs
30. Hoodies

There is a Seoul Tourists Souvenir in Insadong where you may browse through.