My flight to Seoul was rescheduled without prior notice

I am utterly speechless!! What happened to airlines nowadays??
Gawd..I know that the economy is bad if not worse currently but my flight to Seoul was rescheduled without prior notice.

I am suppose to fly on 29th of September 2009 but this morning I received an SMS from MAS airlines that it was rescheduled from 28th to 27th!! Wait a minute..I didn't receive any notification when they rescheduled it once! This sms was the second time that they had it rescheduled. I'm going bonker, for sure.

Dialing the semi-toll free number was hopeless with annoying voice message "The number is inactive". What?!! What happened to once a reliable and many awards in their favours??

After how many attempts, I finally get to speak with one of the agents. She confirmed that my flight was rescheduled to 27th September 2009 at 2335hrs, touching down Seoul on 28th September 2009 0710hrs.

Wait!! Will I overstay my visa maximum-day stay? Malaysian is allowed to enter South Korea maximum 90 days. After countless calculation (I failed Maths..hehe) : 28th September until 26th December = 90 days. Yikes!! I am saved by the bell!!