My Airfare Secrets

A few weeks back I wrote a post about How to buy cheaper flight ticket?
But what really sweet is I stumbled upon a really precious insider information compiled by the people inside airline himself. It's called : Secrets of Cheap Airfare from a Fired Airline Travel Agent.

I can't emphasize no more on how important that 'we' the common people to know the tips and tricks by airlines, how we could dodge their bogus marketing and not to burn our pocket.

This book is really a gem. I recommend those budget traveler or even luxurious one to get hold of it. The book not only covers on how to bargain on dirt-cheap priced ticket but it also covers the jargon in airlines in very simple and user-friendly explanation.

Rather than splurge it on the ticket, maybe you can use the extra money on that new high heel shoes or one piece? Hehehe..

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