Korean Class

Lately, I have been procrastinating my korean language learning. I just had a viral fever which I will get once in a blue moon and now my system is picking its usual pace of "workaholic" mode. I sound like a robot. Hehehe..

Many thanks to KoreanClass101 team, I think learning korean with their tutorial and podcast is much easier. I just plug my ipod and wallah!! I could listen while I'm driving, eating my lunch and even when I am about to doze in my bed. I have around 129 days left before my trip to Korea. Hopefully by then I would be able to speak decent Korean.

What I really like about their system is that theirs are very structured and simplified learning. Easy and no fuss. They have podcast, video vocabulary, notes in pdf form, dialogues, forum and even lesson discussion 1 on 1 as if in real class!

Until then, I hope I can impress G-Dragon if I get the chance to meet him. *Arrhh..in my dream. Hehe*

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