How do I save money for Seoul?

My family members and friends always wonder why I waste so much money or $$$ for travelling. Hmmm..How shall I put it? I work hard for the money and I should enjoy it, rite?
But it is not easy. Need loads of perseverance because your desire to buy unnecessary things is just so great. Being a woman^_* know. Women and "MEGASALE" is twins. Hehehe

Here are lists of how I gain my extra income:

1) Have a proper job - your sole income for saving

2) Do extra hour/over time

3) Give tuitions to primary school students

4) Sell your unwanted items on

5) Write article and get paid for it

6) Open up a blog and monetize it

7) Only buy what you NEED not what you WANT

8) Open a separate saving account so you will not splurge on the extra $$$

9) Upload your travel photos and get paid

10) Be a referral/affiliate for travel websites

See..having only one job to travel is a big NO NO..hehe