How to buy cheaper flight ticket?

Flight ticket is the first "migraine" that you will get when you want to do your solo-travel, budget travel or when you decide NOT to take that group/package option.

Basically it amounts to almost 30-40% of your budget. In my case, it is approximately RM2000.

How do I get it cheap?

1) Always..always subscribe to Airlines newsletter

The reason that this is important because different airlines have different promotions and each of them cater to different regions or countries. Take advantage of these through their newsletters.

2) Get familiarize with the airlines website (if they have online ticketing)

If you realize, these carriers have an option to select which country you are from or basically your origin. When I play around with that option, it gave me a surprise finding!

A case study, using MAS (Malaysia Airlines):

When I choose country = Korea; my return ticket from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur only cost me RM1,200 (price will differ based on promotions)

When I choose country = Malaysia; my return ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul cost me a whopping RM2,000 (price will differ based on promotions).

The amount I saved was RM800!! I would have used that RM800 for something else, right? ^^

3) Be a best buddy with your local travel-agent

Sometimes when you have to travel last minute, it is difficult to get cheaper flight ticket. Luckily, you can always rely on your local travel-agent. They have this system which enable them to check all flights available on your desired date and compare the prices. However, if you have solid relationship with your travel-agent, they could give you priceless advice and discounts. Nice..

4) Buy a return ticket NOT a single journey ticket

A single journey ticket generally will be more expensive than a return ticket. In my case,
my single journey ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul cost me RM900. However, my return ticket from Seoul to Kuala Lumpur is RM1,200. If you divide by two, each journey would be only RM600 one way. See the difference?

Ka-ching!! You save again. ^^

5) Buy a transit return ticket

If you transit, the flight ticket will be cheaper but you will lose out on TIME if you stop over / transit. If time is not an issue, by all means buy a transit and stop over.

6) Ensure that departure/arrival date fall on Tuesday or Wednesday

This rule always..always works for me. No matter what airlines I choose. Rationally because who wants to fly during weekdays. Not many right? Hence, the cheaper price. Save your $$$ by planning your departure/arrival date.

7) Always compare prices from online and your local travel agent

It seems that you have to do loads of analytical stuff, aren't you? This is because somehow the prices that your travel agent offer could be more due to the commision they gain but you can save time on searching for the cheapest price when they can do the work for you.

8) Buy ticket during off-season

Off-season. Yes..everyone love to travel during summer. Hmm..summer is the season to travel but the price will hike and that means budgeting will go down the drain. Less people on off-season, you can enjoy more places with less crowd and cheaper.

9) Buy ticket at least 6-months before departure date

This is true because you book your flight early. The airlines would give better price for those who plan early but the time span to wait for that flight to materialize is killing you. (What I mean is hehe..killing me)

10) Go last minute

I love to do this. When you see an offer from the airlines, you do a 5-minute decision and without you knowing it you will travel next month or even next week!! What? Am I insane?? Hehe..
This however means that you have put aside some money for it.

11) Use your airline miles

Those who stay loyal and true to only one airline (Bravo!) they will accumulate the airline miles and this means free ticket/half-price ticket! Saving again!! Yahoo!!

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