Yang Good - Halal BBQ Lamb Restaurant

Annyeong everyone!

Not been updating my blog for quite sometime.미안!
It was until my dear friend Farhanna and Farah from Singapore came for a due meet-up at Yang Good - Halal BBQ Lamb restaurant near Yeoksam Station that I felt the sudden urge to update.


Because I love lamb so much!! That was totally...unrelated....hahah..I know but well..just finding an excuse feels good sometime. 

Anyway..I love lamb because of the smell. Hmm...weird? No...I love fermented and smelly stuff like Kimchi so I can enjoy all the glory of lamb just the same. Hehehe..

Surprisingly...the Halal lamb from Australia served in the restaurant has little to none of that smell. I swear...I am not bias towards lamb but my nose can smell the distance if there is any lamb grilled somewhere out there. Hahahha..

And....it was so tender and juicy. I think that grilling the meat from medium to well-done was quite good but more than well-done just destroy the lamb's marvellous state of being. Hoho...Sorry Farhanna, bits of burnt meat is not good for your health! Heed my advice...kekeke.

Our verdict: The unmarinated lamb is the best. We found that the marinated lamb was kinda sweet. The lamb was better enjoyed on its own for the original taste. We love steak..so we love the lamb grilled with a dash of pepper just fine.

The price:
The lamb rack - per serving is 22,000 won
The marinated lamb - per serving is 18,000 won
The skewered lamb - per serving is 11,000 won
We ordered 3 bowl of rice for 1,000 won each = 3,000 won.
Total = 54,000 won

Our recommendation:
The lamb rack and the skewered lamb
Just a serving each plus rice for 3 pax was enough for us. By the time we grilled the marinated lamb, we were full and forcing ourselves to finish them. 

My wish:
I wish that they have some lettuce to wrap the meat with just like in the drama sorta..hehe.
And..if there is a surau / musollah for Muslims to pray it will be more awesome..but that's too over wishing. ^^

Contact details:
Address: 서울특별시 강남구 논현로95길 15 (Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Nonhyeon-ro, 95 gil, 15)
Phone number: 02-567-7060
Opening time: 4pm until 2am

How to go to Yang Good?

Go to Yeoksam Station, Line 2 (green), Exit 6 and follow the map above.
If you understand Korean, try the Naver direction as below: 

1KFC역삼역점 앞 횡단보도까지 약 107m 이동(논현로)약 2분 소요
2횡단보도를 이용하여 TWORLD수목대리점역삼역지점 방면으로 횡단
3돈존화로구이역삼점까지 약 67m 이동(논현로93길)약 2분 소요
4돈존화로구이역삼점 앞에서 오른쪽 방향으로
5용연빌딩까지 약 52m 이동(테헤란로25길)약 1분 소요
6용연빌딩 앞에서 왼쪽 방향으로
7양국까지 약 61m 이동(논현로95길)약 1분 소요

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Yang Good Halal BBQ Lamb Restaurant - youtube vide (in Korean).

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Unknown said…

This is an exciting discovery, thanks so much :)
Will be heading to Seoul next month for a week and will be looking forward to this especially cos I love lamb too!