Mouse Rabbit Super Junior Yesung's Cafe*can I just sing?* lalala...lalilulila...
Such pretty voice Yesung has and such a pretty cafe'.

Thanks to Feia's suggestion, we went to Yesung's Mouse Rabbit Cafe' after visiting Seodaemun Prison on a bright snowy day. Wait...the cafe' and the prison are not related by all means. Don't get me wrong.

But Yesung can always imprison me in that cafe'. I'm all yours...hahah. 이 아줌마 참...ㅋㅋㅋ

The location might not be so classy like Apgujeong or Sinsadong but the cafe' speaks for itself. Once I'm inside, I didn't want to leave.

Seriously. Especially the basement.

The basement has a fireplace (not real) and rose petals covered floor. Such a detailed man. Feia told me Yesung personally threw in the idea for the interior design of Mouse Rabbit Cafe'.

Anyway, what is it with that cute name for a cafe'? Aigoo...such a cutie.

There was no sight of Yesung but I saw two elderly managing the counter. They could be Yesung's parents, no? Another two young ladies were helping them. Maybe they are his relatives. If Yesung was the one taking our orders, I could be out of my mind. Thank gawddddd...hehe.

Cappuccino, green tea latte, Crepe and marble cheese cake.
Thanks Feia for this delicious treat!!

As usual, I had my cappuccino, nothing too great but I kept raving about the ambiance to Feia. I hope she didn't get bored due to my relentless compliment on Yesung.

Wait a minute..I have only known one Yesung's song that is from Cinderella's Sister's OST. ^^ 더 찾아봐야지...ㅋㅋㅋ

How to go to Mouse Rabbit Cafe'?

Go to Konkuk University Station (건대입구역), Line 2 or 7, get out from exit 2, walk towards your left and go straight. The cafe' is after you pass three alleys on your left.

Once you found this building (like SangSang building in Hongdae), 
walk through this alley and Mouse Rabbit Cafe' will be about 10 meters away.

This Naver blogger: Woni, caught Yesung in action at Mouse Rabbit Cafe'. She's so lucky!

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Unknown said…
K'Zarina...plan nak gi sini this Jun. Yeahhhhhh. Tq for the entry, now dah dapat picture how to get there. Tq!!!
wani said…
there's another ost 그 겨울, 바람이 분다 yesung jugak..gray paper kalau tak silap tajuk nye.
elmi said…
Salam Zarina, saya plan nak pergi 18/3. Cuaca kat sana still sejuk kan?
Anonymous said…
aahhh dekat je rupenye ngn rumah. bleh pegi jap lg. thanx! -R-
Anonymous said…
get excited everytime I read any article on my fav group...kyaaa...thanks for the direction....hope to go there one of these days...

PS: Mouse&Rabbit is actually named after yesung's and his brother's zodiac signs...
Anonymous said…
Yesung's already joined the army and located outside Seoul T_T
Won't have a chance to see him in Mouse-Rabbit for the next 2 years.. Kyaaaa