Mount Seorak: One Day Trip

It was a ridiculous attempt I should say and a wasted effort.

This was my first time visiting Mount Seorak and the idea was to go with my brother; Am, my distant uncle; Adi and Ayu; no more introduction needed...hehe.

Not to hike but just to check out the possibility of one day trip to Mount Seorak.

I should say that; Am, Adi and Ayu were my guinea pigs to experiment this crazy attempt.
They are my Charlie "A"ngels = triple A..ahahaha..

Breakfast at DongSeoul Bus Terminal.

My regrets were:
1) I chose a bad day - Saturday (Don't ever come during weekend!)
2) I chose a bad season - autumn (the prettiest but jam-packed with people coming from all over Korea)
3) I should have stayed 2D1N instead of one day stay

It would be best if I spend a day or night at Sokcho area and then hike my way up to Mount Seorak instead of going up with cable car during peak autumn.

*sigh* fruitless attempt.

If you are a mountain hiking lover; Mount Seorak would be a great choice.


The idea of taking a cable car to appreciate the awesomeness of Mount Seorak is unthinkable.
I mean..when the express bus that we rode passed by parts of Mount Seorak; OMG..look at the view!!
It was superbly awesome, what more if you hike her!

You should DEFINITELY hike Mount Seorak. No question asked.

How to go to Mount Seorak?

First, go to Dong Seoul bus terminal which is located near Gangbyeon Subway Station, Line 2, Green.
You won't miss the terminal cause it's just next to the subway station.

Go to any counter and asked for Sokcho. (속초).
I paid 16,100won per pax. (rate is as Nov, 2012)

The ticket and the bus platforms - number 4 or 5.

I took the earliest subway train to Gangbyeon Station and got a 9.06am bus to Sokcho.
The bus company promised a journey of 2 hours and 10 took us 3 hours to reach Sokcho.

We had so much time to kill about 1 hour and a half actually and had our breakfast at the terminal courtesy of Ayu. 고마워!

4 people in black..^^ in front of the restaurant in Sokcho.

We had lunch of seafood stew 매운탕 which was not spicy at all!! Great for Adi but not for me..T_T
Ahh..we met Khairul, another Malaysian who travelled on his own!! Superb!!

After lunch, we just walked around the pier looking at the fishermen working their as* off ..huhu. The Abai village; where Autumn In My Heart Korean drama was shot was just around the corner but we had limited time as we had to rush for Mount Seorak.

The local bus stop.

We walked back to the Sokcho bus terminal and waited for local bus 7-1 (1,100 won per ride) at the bus stop located about 2-3 metres away from the terminal.

The 7-1 bus schedule to Mount Seorak.

The local bus ride was around 30 minutes and Mount Seorak was the last destination.

But....... we couldn't get to our last stop.

See the signboard??

Because...they were so many people coming to watch the autumn foliage so we had to walk about 1.3km to the main gate!!

Cable car ticket was sold out!!

The highlight of our trip was...the ticket for cable car was sold out by the time we reached the ticket counter. That really made my day...^____________^

Anyway, because the day time is shorter in autumn, we just had a small picnic near the river and then took a taxi back to Sokcho bus terminal for about 13,000 won. The time was 6.18pm and we reached DongSeoul bus terminal at about 9.00pm.

My verdict: If I ever go again to Mount Seorak..I would definitely stay a night there or around Sokcho.

Sinchon to Gangbyeon by subway (return) - 2,500 won
Gangbyeon to Sokcho by bus (return) - 32,200 won
Breakfast, lunch - 10,000 won
Local bus Sockho to Mount Seorak - 1,100 won
Admission to Mount Seorak - 2,500 won
Taxi from Mount Seorak to Sokcho - 13,000 won/4 pax =3,250 won

Total: 51,500 won

Note: If you manage to ride the cable car at Mount Seorak, add another 9,000 won.

More information from KNTO: Cable car and Mount Seorak.

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just.HY said…
Hi zarina, couldn't agree more. I was there last year....and I'm going there again next year in may. Hoping for a great season and less crowd. Expecting awesome views during end of spring and early summer...hehehe insyaallah... ;)
Lieya Von Jay said…
I Want to go there too someday... :)
DrSam said…
Splendid travelogue and info. I would do the same if I can read or converse a bit of their language. Went there few years back, stayed overnight and like you said it was worth the trip.

Kamsa Hamnida
Owen said…
Hi Zarina, great info as always. Your blog is one of my main resource for my future trip to South Korea(Maybe 2014,hehehe, next already booked to Tokyo). Hope finally reached South Korea.
baby beaver said…
saya tingin nk pegi, tp nnti saya smpy time winter...

karang ada yg beku kt atas tu, huhu...

tp cable car tu operate ke during winter? n then, dia naik sikit je kn?

sori, byk tny,,, huuhu
Fannie said…
Whoa so for a moment there I thought that you had stopped blogging (gave such a fright). I just discovered this blog a month ago and I can already tell that it is a goldmine for someone travelling to Korea (with a small or large budget). Thank you again!!!
Unknown said…
WoW I love your review. I follow you now, I think we can be good friend! :)
Kak Mahh said…
Insyaallah,jika ada keizinan dariNya,akak pasti berpeluang sampai lokasi ini.
nyssnisa said…
Hi Kak Zarina..Me & my friends pergi backpacking trip tahun lepas and one of the destinations is Sokcho. We stayed there for a few days and we definitely want to go back there again. If Kak Zarina nak stay sana, I would definitely recommend staying at The House Hostel. Sangat-sangat dekat dengan bas terminal and bus stop... :D
Hi. Saya terjumpa blog in.....
Tq. Untuk guide yg singkat di sokcho dan makana korea yg best tu, asam pedas korea.
zam said…
Hi john... I'm going to korea next may from 4th to 12th but will be alone... I plan to travel around seoul n jeju. May i know when will u be there. Who knows we can travel together
Anonymous said…
Hai i also have plan to go to korea next 17 may 2013... if anyone hace any interest to travel together please let me know. Thx
Anonymous said…
After reading your log, kami decide not to go fir yhe one day trip. At this point in time we are already in Seoul and just came back from Everland.

Perhaps we'll go to Mt Seorak next visit to Seoul.

Thank you Zarina. Keep on writing indeed you are helping people in your own way.
Unknown said…
Assalamualaikum akak..

My visit this Oct/Nov have one free day, i tot nk pegi Seorak-san tapi Ahad.. Any suggestion?
学佛 said…
Is 2 days 1 night enugh in mt sorak?
Zarina BT2K said…
3 jek antonio how,

yup..but there are many trails to check out..depends on which one u prefer
Jeffery Tan said…
Hi, what time did you reached Mt Sorak when the cable car tickets were sold out?
Zarina BT2K said…
It was about 1pm at noon when we were at the counter.

Don't go during weekend if you want to view the autumn foliage
Unknown said…
Dear zarina.
I'm will be going to Korea in february 17 to 22 2013. Masih snowing tak?.