Tour Guide in Jeju Island

Yellow Canola festival in Jeju Island in spring.

Anyone needs tour guide in Jeju Island ?

Tour guide is done by my Korean friend: Min Young.
You can be assured that she is proficient in English. ^^

Available dates: 
28th March 2012 (Wednesday) - 13th April 2012 (Friday)
17th April 2012 (Tuesday) - 19th April 2012 (Thursday)

Term and Condition:
  1. Fee: 150,000 won 
  2. Maximum - 4 person
  3. Tour time: 9am to 6pm
  4. Not inclusive lunch and tour spots admission
  5. Tour per day covers either East side or West side of Jeju Island
East Course: (Note: More famous)
1. Seasonal Specials (spring - cherry or lape blossom
2. Seongeup Folk Village
3. Jeju black pork barbecue or Bibimbap
4. Woman diver show
5. Sunrise Peak
6. Smart Grid Ad
7. Lava Cave

West Course:
1. Hallim Park
2. Suweolbong Trekking
3. Stone Pot Bibimbap and Shabu-Shabu
4. Marine Park
5. Optional Tour
6. Locadio World
7. Cheonjeyeon waterfall

Email me your details:
  1. Name
  2. Contact number and email
  3. Accommodation location
  4. Number of tourist 
  5. If you have other places in mind that you want to visit in Jeju Island, do tell me.
More information on spring flower festival by KNTO.

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munieazam said…
Salam Zarina

Akak terjumpa your blog by accident & mmg tersangat le berguna information. Akak plan & sudah book tiket ke Seoul on 22 - 27/6/12. Zarina kenal sesiapa yg boleh arrange our ground arrangement? Kalau boleh nak cover jeju island sekali. Thanks
yands said…
slm Zarina,
nk tnya rgd ITX to Nami island,
i looked up subways maps, couldn't find gapyeong station. if i took the train from Yongsan station then it will go straight to Gapyeong, without transfer?
will be in seoul next friday, thanks
Anonymous said…
Salam Zarina,

I already email you the details on the Jeju Tour guide request. However, I cannot confirm the accommodation since my flight ticket to Jeju still not book. I will only buy the ticket once I reach Seoul on 25th and than can only proceed with the accommodation booking at Jeju. Please feedback ye.. Tq
Anonymous said…

I chance upon your website and just nice! i'm looking for f&e 1 day tour in jeju.

however, i'm going only in may, reaching on 15 may 12. will you friend be available then?

is transport included?

my email is

looking forward to your reply!

Hasni said…
I will be in Seoul from 3 Dec to 11 Dec 2012 with my family - 3 adults & 3 children. Is it ok to visit this time? I suppose we have to take flight to this Island? Can your friend be my tourist guide when I am there?
Alawiyah said…
Salam, I just sent you an email.
rachel said…
1 day for 150000won?
cheap flights said…
I think this is my friend need. She is planning to go to Jeju but she don't know the place much and she is looking for a tour guide. I will share this one to her hope it will help her. Thanks!
Zarina BT2K said…

8-9 hours at most.
Anonymous said…
Salam, zarina ..tertarik ngan post awk..Insyalah sy akan ke Korea bulan 10..masih tercari2 tarikh sesuai..nk tanya tentang accommodation mana yang zarina boleh recommend..yang dekat ngan subway dan restaurant halal.. kt everland, nami island dan yongpyeong ski resort tu ade ke tempat makan halal? boleh bagi suggestion? Terima kasih..
Pheng said…
Im Pheng! My email is Pls drop me an email as I wish to personalize my trip...thanks! :)
Beloved said…
Hi can you help me check with your friend if she's available on 7th May? My husband and I are looking for a guide to bring us around jeju. Transportation will be included as well right? Pls email me at Thank you very much!
kelvin said…
Hi can check if your friend is available on 20 May 2012? Can we plan the places we want to visit? Pls email me at Thanks in advance
DonDon & JinJin said…
Hi Kak,
this is Jean from malaysia, I am going to Jeju on May 6,7. can you be my tour guide ? please drop me email asap. email is

Thanks, really need ur help.
Zarina BT2K said…

I'm sorry as we're not available on your said date.
izzati said…
Hi, im Izzati from malaysia. Me and my friends are going to Jeju on the 1st May to 3rd May. Is there a tour guide available on the 2nd May? And if not, do you have any other suggestions?
Zarina BT2K said…

My friend is only available on the said date.

I recommend the Yeha Global taxi tour service which is good if you have 3 persons
Justyna said…
Hi Zarina,

Is your friend available sometime between 24 and 28th of May?

Anonymous said…
Salam Sis
Will your friend be available on 28 November 2012 for a 1 day Jeju tour?
Is it possible to board the flight to Jeju early morning and back to Seoul by late evening? We don't want to overnight in Jeju.
christinakam said…
hi there, i manage to bump into ur webby~ me n my fren plan to fly to jeju but we have difficulty in bookin flight frmo 25oct to 27 oct 2012 tru (nt user frenly) and which req alien reg num(we as malaysians only have passport num n ic so we do nto know if we can key in our own malaysia num)so i wonder if u could help me out.i am quite frustrated with the bookin these 1 week plus..please advice em on this issue.thx
Natalie said…
Hi, I and mother am planning to visit Jeju between 12th to14th Feb 2013. Pls advise if your friends or yourself available to bring us around on the 13th. My email
Unknown said…
We are a group of 5 adults with 3 children, will be visiting Busan and Jeju this December 2013. We plan to visit Jeju from 19.12.13 to 23.12.13 (5 days 4 nights) and would like to know if you can arrange budget transportation and touring of Jeju Island.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Salam im dian fm msia. How do I book your friend service tour? Planning to visit jeju 29.11.2013 and 30.11.2013. Could you email me details at tq
Salam zarina.i will be visiting jeju on 29 and30 nov 2013.cold you advice how I can arrange for the tour eervice of your friend in jeju.could you email me details at appreciate your help.thank you.