Gyeonghuigung Palace

This is to complete my palace tour of the "5 Grand Palaces" built by Joseon dynasty; Gyeonghuigung Palace which is at the intersection of Seodamun and Gwanghwamun.

The palace has been completely destroyed during Japanese invasion and what you see now is about 33% of the original size has been since reconstructed by Korean government.

Checking out the palaces is such a stress reliever for me...
It has been a long time that I take my time off to take a trip on my own as most days I'm busy being a tour guide, study and tests. When I have some free time on hand, walking alone exploring the back alleys of Seoul is quite amusing. I need some solitude from time to time too..hehe.

Since I'm spending more time in Korea now, I seem to catch on the coffee mania trend and turning to a coffee junkie myself. Not that I find it amazing or any different in Korea compared to Malaysia though but I'm amazed at how many cafe's lined up the block everywhere I travel in Seoul or other big cities in Korea.

So, before checking out Gyeonghuigung Palace I stopped by a cafe' due to stormy wind outside and it's colddddd...

My favorite - Paul Bassett's cafe; the infamous coffee barista winning the 2003 World Barista Championship. This one is at Gwanghwamun Plaza. A small cappuccino sets off at 4,500 won.

After sipping the delicious cappuccino and warmed my frozen legs; off to Gyeonghuigung Palace!

How to go?

Gwanghwamun Station, Line 5 (purple), Exit 7 or 6. Walk 10-15 minutes.
Official site: Gyeonghuigung
Admission: Free

More from Wikipedia and KNTO.

More pictures at BudgetTravel2Korea Facebook.

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