Korean Grammar In Use - Korean Book Review

If you ever step down in Korea and would like to purchase a book or two for self-learning Korean back home, I would suggest that you acquire these books (Beginner and Intermediate level).

I just received mine today after purchasing it online last Friday.
Normal delivery is within 1-3 days but was delayed due to Seollal.

They are indispensable.

In my opinion, they are better than Sogang University's text book hence I purchased one for myself. I didn't get the beginner book though as Sogang University's Level 1 and 2 pretty much covered the Korean Beginner level's grammar.  

Why do I think that it's better than Sogang University's text book?

One of my classmates (he's an American) bought this book and recommend that I get one. As I browsed the content of Korean Grammar In Use (Beginner) book, I think "D***...I should have begun my Korean study with this book!!"The explanation is concise and even if I don't have a Korean teacher, I think learning Korean through context is explained quite well by the writer.

Whenever I learn a new grammar, there's a slight nuance or even subtle difference where it can only be differentiated by contextual example. At times I need a native Korean to explain the difference but most of the time I don't have that luxury. Luckily, this book does the job pretty well. Not perfect but well done.

How to buy the book?
I got mine from GMarket (Seller: Libro) as the seller offered 5,000won slash in price than normal bookstore. Normal price is about 23,000 won.

You could purchase "Korean Grammar In Use" at major bookstores like Kyobo or YP but my classmate found this gem near Sinchon station.

The book store is on the same building as 뮤즈헤어

If you walk out from Sinchon Station, Line 2, Exit 1 walk until you pass Hyundai Shopping complex. Cross the small road and look at your right. The bookstore is located on the 3rd floor and you could find all Korean language books in major international language. Sweet!

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