Pizza Plus - Halal Restaurant in Dongdaemun

Thanks to Ujam Kelam for the tip on Pizza Plus - Halal Restaurant in Dongdaemun. So today I decided to try out the menu myself after my Korean lesson ended with Julia. Initially we decided to go to Daehak-ro after lunch but we were stucked in Dongdaemun instead! Yikes..this is partly why I hate to be in Dongdaemun cause the urge to shop is becoming an addiction.

You can find the Pizza Plus Restaurant near exit 5, Dongdaemun Station, Line 1(dark blue) or 4(light blue).

Exit 5 - get out here for Pizza Plus Restaurant.

Dongdaemun Station, Exit 5. By the way, Julia was holding a 
free distribution of Kim Jeong Il's demise news today. We were
pretty shocked when one of my classmates announced the info
in class. What was more shocking was when one of the students
asked "Who is Kim Jeong Il?" Hahahah..I guess he was not as
famous as KPop Hallyu stars..aigooo...

Shinhan Bank is just outside the exit 5. You won't miss it!

After 2 more shops is Pizza Plus!!

We tried menu number 1 and 7.

There are about 5 tables in the restaurant and the ambience is
pretty similar to Kebab restaurant in Itaewon. Maybe they have the
same boss?

Julia ordered Kebab but I honestly love the Kebab
in Itaewon more and you get what you pay for. It's
not as tastier as in Itaewon's. The french fries seems
so pitiful too. 

I love my double hamburger although there's not much taste to it.
Had more ketchup to go with it since there's no mayonnaise, no nothing
except that the meat was slightly seasoned. The meat patty itself is very
rich. Hmm..I would definitely recommend this.
By the way, this was my second time having a 'meat' meal in almost 2 months. ^^

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baby beaver said…
seriously sgt rindukan seoul ;(
saya br blk last week, lps stay sana 2 weeks... mmg rindu sgt2... ;(
nk pegi lg, nk pegi lg...
CIKU said…
wow...nnt kalau ciku pegi lagi korea ..leh terjah sini cari berger.ciku nak sangat pegi mount seorak time autumn.Hari tu pegi jeju time awal awal summer.
TheFeeFighter said…
I'm going to go there tonight, I've been dying to eat a hamburger for soooo long. BTW, thank you for an awesome blog^^
deza said…

Saya nak tanya, macam mana nak ke mount sorak dari nami island.. Saya ingat dari seoul nak ke nami dulu, lepas tu ke mount sorak, tidur satu malam then balik ke seoul... ataupun ke Mount sorak dulu baru ke Nami... Terima Kasih
Zarina BT2K said…
Salam Deza,
Dari Nami Island pergi ke Gapyeong bus terminal, dari situ ambil bas ke Seokcho dan dari Seokcho boleh pergi ke Mount Sorak.
Anonymous said…
Yeyyyy! Can't wait to try the hamburger..looks so yummy hehehe :)

-ilyana :)-
Anonymous said…
as salam kak zarina,
thank u so much for the info. do keep us update on halal eating outlets in seoul. i really appreciate it!

Ke said…
igt x pizza plus ni tutop pkol brape??
Zarina BT2K said…
Salam Ke,
I have called the owner that everyday they close at 11.00pm. Last order 10.30pm.

New year celebration tonight, close at 12 midnight
Anonymous said…
hamburger = ham (pork) + burger ... itu daging lembu ke?
Zarina BT2K said…
hamburger is just a dish name.
and it is daging lembu.
This is a halal restaurant.
Selena Rara said…
Kak Zalina : I'm going there in July this year. may i know the itineraries that best suggestion from you? and the accomodation as well. pretty good if you include the price :) thanks akak!
Anonymous said…
Assalaamua'leykum bro/ sister,

I plan to visit Seoul in April.. So this is a good start for me to search for halal food.

is the owner for Pizza Plus a moslem? if not, then is the 'Halal' status verified?

thank you very much.
Anonymous said…
Salam Zarina,nama saya June dari KL.

Nak tanya mcm mana nak pergi naik Auraji Rail dari Seoul?? Saya dan adik adik saya dah book bilik kat Namsan Guesthouse. Bulan depan kita org pergi Seoul + Jeju. Nampak Auraji Rail ni menarik sungguh.
Zarina BT2K said…
W'salam June,

please refer to
Lily 84 said…
Salam Kak,

I went to this restaurant last year at Dongdaemun. We were so hungry so we asked a Turkish nearby where I can find halal food. He showed us here. Btw, we were told by two Bruneian students (Muslims) that the parmesan cheese, sauce (like tobacco one) & few beverages are not halal because some of the ingredients stated at the bottle are not clear. The rest is okay. So we end up makan burger & pepsi.Wallahualam...