Air Asia arrival at Incheon Airport

Only my little bro is able to send me off and he could afford only a half day leave. Even until the day of departure, there are so many remaining tasks to do. We went to celcom service center in KLIA initially to change my iphone sim card to regular sim card as my brother is using HTC but at last we dropped the idea as my brother insisted for cheaper Celcom's data plan of 3Gb for RM58. Looks like I donated RM75 to Celcom for nothing..arghh!! Anyway, I found this small phone shop right before the arrival's parking lot exit and borrowed this tool to eject my iphone's sim card. I left the original tool back home. Hahaha..

Once we arrived at LCCT, I printed the boarding pass from the kiosk and headed to check in my heavy luggage. Total weight = 21.4kg. I knew it!! It felt so heavy. FYI an extra kg to Korea would cost me RM40 so the officer suggested to reduce it to 20.9kg..hehe. Saved!

While killing the remaining 2 hours before boarding, I lingered in Starbucks with a Mocha Fraline in hand and drowned myself with an intriguing 'Isabella' novel. I had read it once 20 years ago! I never blinked an eye when I saw it and immediately grabbed a copy at an exhibition in KL Sentral recently.

Boarding gate is opened from 1.30pm and for Muslims you may head to the musollah for jamak and qasar prayer before boarding. Flight departed from LCCT at 2.35pm.

Mocha Fraline

Air Asia's Nasi Lemak was tasty but the portion was small, I want more!! ^^

Flying on budget to Korea is made possible by none other than Air Asia!

Arrived at Incheon and the ground weather was 14 degree celcius. Nice!

As I arrived earlier than scheduled, I was tad happier. The immigration and luggage collection was breeze at Incheon Airport except that the immigration officer stared at my face unusually longer than before..hmm has I become prettier? hahaha..I waited for Min Young at exit 4B (where the airport limousine bus queued for Myeongdong) outside as the airport is too warm!

Min Young's parents..I am truly indebted.

Min Young came with her parents to pick me up and I was greeted with my first 떡 - Korean rice cake!! Hehe..I told her too many times that I want to eat 떡 first when I reached Korea.

This is 꿀 떡 - The filling is honey and sesame seed 

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Kak Mahh said…
Tak sabar nak tahu kisah seterusnya...
gina said…
it's great to know u arrived safely :)

take care & looking forward for ur next update. (serious reader nih! heheh)