If You Only Have One Day in Jeju Island

I know it's not enough but due to some constraint, time and budget wise; some of us would not be able to spend more than one day. As happens to my friends who will be going in November. The flight from Gimpo Airport would be in the evening, reaching Jeju at 5.00pm and spend a full day in Jeju on the next day and take the earliest flight from Jeju back to Seoul on the day after next.

My reference is none other than; my teacher - Yong Soo sonsaengnim. He gawked the moment I told him that we could spend only a day in the island!! He said two days would be better. Aigoo..hehe.

Anyway, he suggested that we do the following for a day course:

1) Seongsan Ilchulbong

Video courtesy Alisyalicious

By bus:  from Jeju City or Seogwipo City , get off at Dongnam three-forked road in Seongsan-eup, then take the rotation bus.

Distance: from the Jeju City Bus Terminal to the Seongsan Port on the Round Road No 12 is 49.6km and 48.5km from the Seogwipo City Bus Terminal

Time:  1 hour and 20 minutes from the Jeju City Bus Terminal and  1.5 hours from the Seogwipo City Bus Terminal
Bus type: East Belt Line

Route: Hamdeok-Gimnyung-Sehwa-Sungsan-Gosung-Shinsan-Pyosun-Namwon-Seogwi(Joongang R)

First bus: 05:40
Last bus: 21:00
Bus fare: starts from 1,000 won

2) Ollegil

"Ollegil (Olle road) refers to a 12-route walking trail in Jeju Island, South Korea. The term Ollegil is made up of two parts: "Olle" and "gil." While "gil" is an orindary Korean vocabulary for a pathway or a road (that can also be used as suffix), "Olle" is a distinctive Jeju dialect. The official Ollegil website explains the meaning of its name as the following: 'Olle' is the Jeju word for a narrow pathway that is connected from the street to the front gate of a house.... It has the same sound as 'Would you come?' in Korean, so Jeju's 'Olle' sounds the same as 'Would you come to Jeju?’ Combining these two terms, a neologism "Ollegil" was formed, referring to the hiking course developed in Jeju Island."

Source: Wikipedia

Video courtesy derrlen

Since it is quite impossible for me to conquer Mount Halla with my current condition, I would opt for the Ollegil instead. I'm gonna choose the one near the beach coast so we could enjoy the magnificent scenery of Jeju Island.

3) Oreum (Volcanic site) - Sangumburi Crater
It is a 26 minute bus ride on the East Tourist Road from the Jeju City Bus Terminal.

More information on Jeju Bus : http://bus.jeju.go.kr/internet_eng/bisb_bus/bus_020.jsp

I know that many of us are tempted to visit Korean drama filming spots and you are welcomed to go but I feel a bit ludicrous to stand aside a giant board cut out of the actors/actresses rather than the real person in life. Talk about self-criticizing..hahaha. Check this out!

Me with the main stars of Cinderella Sisters. Almost real..^^

I told Yong Soo 선생님,  that I am looking forward to watch the 해녀 women divers in Jeju Island as the picture in my post here. His response was a curious "Why?" I told him that it's unique. None of its kind. He laughed away telling me that the 해녀 are all 할머니들 (grandmothers). He had this expectation that the divers are hot mermaid kind of. Hahaha..but when he actually went to Jeju Island he was in for a shock. They were all grandmothers!! Where's the hot babe he's been waiting for? LOL.

I'm planning to stay for a week or so in Jeju Island and hopefully can attempt as many Ollegil route as possible.

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hi! i soo love your blog!!! thanks for all your posts about korea. is surely hope we can go to seoul and jeju by next year. anyway, can you suggest cheap accommodations in jeju? thank you! more power!
MasZuber said…
alright will do it tomoro! :)

thnx for the tips!
starxblinded said…
hi! thanks for leaving a message at my blog! by the way, have you tried ollegil 7-1? it's crazy >.< i took 3 hours to walk half of it and gave up >.< by the way, are you studying in korea or just taking a trip there? oh and i have a recommendation for a cheap and good stay, it's little france hotel. i stayed there previously! really nice and cosy place (:

starxblinded said…
hi! thanks for leaving a message at my blog (: have you tried going on ollegil 7-1? it's crazy >.< i took 3 hours to complete half of it and gave up >.< anyway, are you in korea for travel/study?

oh! and i have a recommendation for a cheap and cosy stay in jeju, it's called little france hotel, do check it out! (:

Zarina BT2K said…
Hi starxblinded,
I will be going this coming 1st Nov to study Korean. but will spend the first 1 month to travel Korea first before starting the semester in December.
CIKU said…
hi..ciku dah pg jeju..2 hari jek dan dapat pegi hampir 16 tempat..byk lagi tak cover tapi puas cuma kalau nak pg lagi jeju maybe nak cari musim lain lak..cantik nature.tapi sedih tak pgi mystery road tu..lenkali ajela.the best is Pacific land coz ada dolphin and Teddy bear museum also Cheonjeyeon waterfall..halla mount tak panjat..tk sempat dah..hiks.kami drive kat jeju dapat gerak byk tmpt sikit..alhamdulillah dapat gak sampai jeju n round jeju.
Pls feel free to my simple blog..
AiNa~ said…
kak, akak tukar duit korea ktne ek?money exchanger ke?
Hello Zarina,

This is Sarah from SarahinSouthKorea.blogspot.com.

I have chosen your name as my favourite blogger to be invited by Korea Tourism Organization for their upcoming events.

I am so glad that you are finally here and a quick question: how are your classes and how do you manage & balance - homework load at Sogang with your excurtions?
enzeke said…
This is the best comprehensive blog on South Korea on a budget. Should have stumbled on your blog before I had went on my first solo trip to Seoul which is also a first on May 2011. It is such a nice place. Going back there again over the new year.
Looking forward to your adventures and good luck to your studies. I'm also thinking of studying there. Do you have any recommendations in gyeonggi-do?
Zarina BT2K said…
Hi Enzeke,
Thanks for visiting the blog.
Check out this http://www.seoulcityblog.com/2010/03/08/differentiating-korean-language-study-programs/
if you intend to take up Korean Language.
Nadya Zahid said…
wow..so informative...im going to korea next year for 5 days 4 nights and intend to stay in seoul...
can u pls recommend what activities should i do in seoul?